Brush Mowing

At All Around Land Clearing, our emphasis is on providing the highest quality brush and waste removal services available, while minimizing the impact on surrounding plants and trees.

We use only efficient methods of clearing and the most up-to-date equipment like Kubota Tractors, Stihl and Honda to name a few, all while keeping the focus on the overall health and attractiveness of your property. We also rigidly adhere to the industry best practices to ensure that a professional and thorough job is done, each and every time.

Clearing brush, trimmings, and weeds from your landscape is an invaluable part of maintaining tree and plant health. Additionally, excess growth and brush can create a fire hazard, which is an issue that any homeowner or property manager should have on their radar.  Here are some of the problems you may experience from too much yard waste or brush:

  • Potential of fire damage (higher insurance costs come with this too!)
  • Stunted tree growth
  • Harmful pests or animals
  • Reduced property value
  • Invasive plant species
  • Unfit soil & surrounding environment
  • Interferes with proper drainage
  • Pest infestations
  • Reduction of available nutrients
  • Undesired animal nesting

Brush Mowing in Oregon and SW Washington

There are backyards and there are wildernesses. When a piece of land is left unto itself for a few years (or even a few months), it doesn’t take long for nature to take over. Properties can easily become unsightly with tangled brush piles, high weeds, fallen limbs and age-old tree stumps. If this describes a piece of property you own, no local lawn and landscaping service is better to help you clear it than All Around Land Clearing.

No one wants a cluttered yard. Those unsightly brush piles and fallen tree limbs can bring down your home’s appearance and negatively affect its value.

Have excess brush or overgrown foliage that needs attention? Call us today at (360) 772-0224 to learn about the many options we have available–from clearing a single property to entire swaths of undeveloped land! We’re happy to answer any questions you have and we offer FREE assessments & cost estimates!